How to buy and order Modalert Modafinil in Viet Nam

How to buy Modafinil (Modalert) in VietNam ?

If you are living in Viet Nam but you do not speak Vietnamese, you would be interested in placing an order for Modalert tablets, and you are not sure how the whole process works. We can help to get more information in English

For the price pills:
– if you buy 5 tablets — 55.000 vnd / tablet. Total 275.000 vnd ( not include fee ship)
– if you buy 10 tablets — 45.000 vnd / tablet. Toltal 450.000 vnd ( not include fee ship)

If you buy more pills:
– 50 pills — 40.000 vnd / tablet
– 100 pills — 35.000 vnd / tablet

You can mail for me at

or sms message to +84898466891 (for short number: 0898466891) (phone number in vietnam)

About effects of modafinil, you can search on google. Read on reddit or something, thousands of articles about this smart drug

Don’t hestitate to ask me anything.

About Shipping:

Shipping delivery about 1–1.5 hours from time you ordered (if you live in HCMC) or we can choose exactly time you want.

Example, you need receive at 9:00 tomorrow 21–10–2018. I can arrange ship package about 8:50–9:15. When delivery i will call you to take it !

(please choose time between 9:00 and 21:00 — time vietnam)

For Order: Please give me information

– Name
– Shipping address
– Your phone number

For Payout: COD — Cash on delivery. So don’t worry about scam or anything like this. You can check tablets before pay money !

Phone: +84 898 466 891

OR you can watch detail and submit form with phone number at:

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